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Social Impact.

We build trust on the social impact you are already making.

Towards full transparency

We dream of an ecosystem where NGOs and social entities are able to show the heart of their work to achieve citizen's empathy and accomplish their mission. By communicating the social impact they create they can increase trust and collaboration. We at ComGo share their mission and want to take part to create a better world.



ComGo helps donors and collaborators participate of the day to day development of the projects they support.


Our platform encourages responsible donations offering the necessary information and traceability for each project.


At ComGo we dream of a social sector that optimizes 100% of the resources to accomplish the mission of a better world.


The world's first Blockchain platform for charity project management.

At ComGo we know the most important thing is not the percentage of donation that reaches the project, but the immediate and long term social impact that each donation generates. That's why we have created the first blockchain immutable social impact traceability platform.

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Street Children Protection in India


Hardware acquisition to scale PPa-People's Protection App technological solution to register and protect Street Children in India from mafias and exploitation
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Your Project

Host your social projects in ComGo

If you are a social organization, host your projects in our platform to offer your donors a way to follow their contributions. Transparency, efficiency and responsibility

A digital ecosystem for the common good

ComGo is the social impact management platform built on Hyperledger on top of IBM Blockchain.

Social project management

A digital ecosystem to help organizations manage their social projects in the most transparent, efficient way possible

Measurement of impact

So that each donor can see in real time the impact their donations are generating in the real world

Transparent auditing

A ecosystem of trust, where any party can audit the movement of funds within projects and organizations

A platform for everyone

We want to use blockchain to change the way donations are made and traced. Discover how in our whitepaper.



Open for everyone

Learn the real impact of your donations and follow the development of the projects you support.

Corporate donors

Established companies

Help your company become transparent. ComGo offers a new way of understanding CSR.

Social Organization

Established NGOs

At ComGO we have built a tool to help make your organization more transparent, efficient and impactful.

Core Team

A highly committed, highly professional team, looking to make a real impact in the world. These are the people behind ComGo.

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Manuel Hurtado

Founding President & CEO

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Arancha Martínez

Charity Solutions Director

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Sanachit Mehra

Blockchain Dev Lead

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Gonzalo Herradón

Pharma Solution Director

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Julio Sevillano

Pharma Solutions Director


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Julius Akinyemi

Entrepreneur in Residence, MIT Media Lab

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Javier Agüera

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Blackphone

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Deborah Soule

Technology and Organizations Specialist

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Ignacio Moreno Pubul

Product Manager @Geoblink

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Martí Parellada

UB Economist, Independent Director, Enagás

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Gregorio Varela Moreiras

Professor Nutrition & Food Science, President Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)

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